FS Masters League Prize Money


Check the list below to see your PMC’s total winnings and claim them by submitting this form

Managers should submit this form by the end of Wednesday (July 12th, 2017) at the latest. After this date, prizes will not be redeemable.

PMC – FS Credits

Angels Sc * 97.5 k
Galactik Football 201 k
RedWhite United 97 k
Devils F C 93 k
Ominous Sc 60 k
Fc Underworld 60 k
Majoluvch 52 k
Vampire Sc 48 k
Serene 48 k
Newteam 44 k
Nextgen * 30 k

*: 25% penalty applied

Other rewards

Unbeatable: Angels Sc Shinpads
Fair play reward: Serene
Top scorer Maxion Boots
Quarter Finalists Legendary Base Layer
Semi Finalists 2 x Legendary Base Layers
Finalists Angels, Galactik 1 hair-dye-product + 1 mfb-boost-product
Winner Galactik F. 2 hair-dye-product + 3 mfb-boost-product



Participation Reward:  40k FSC. All matches have to be played and completed (no forfeits) to win this reward. This will be awarded right before the knockout stage.

Match based winnings – League stage only (this will be awarded after league stage)

Match victory: 4000 FS Credits per win (all matches have to be played without forfeits)

Potential winnings from league stage : 40k + 4k*10 = 80k

Knockout Stage: (awarded after the league)

Reach Semi Finals: 25k FSC

Final : 2nd place: 25k FSC + 1 hair-dye-product + 1 mfb-boost-product

Final: Winners: 100k FSC + 2 hair-dye-product + 3 mfb-boost-product

FSC winnings potential maximum : 40k + 40k + 25k + 100k = 205k FS Credits

Special :  (awarded after the league)

Quarter Finalists: 1 Legendary Base Layer

Semi Finalists: 2 Legendary Base Layers

Top Scorer: 1 Legendary Boots

The Unbeatable: If a team completes the group stage without suffering a loss, they will win 1 legendary shinpads

Fair Play Reward: Vintage collection of choice