FS Masters League Rules

FS Masters League – Season 7 – Rules


1. Entry

1.1: PMC’s with at least 10 players can sign up. Each team can have a maximum of 20 players. Each team should also have an assistant manager who will accept responsibility in the absence of the manager. The assistant manager should be clearly marked in the submission. Only 1 as. manager is allowed.
1.1b: Only active PMCs will be allowed to compete in Masters League. League will decide if the PMC is fit enough to compete after reviewing the PMC’s recent match history.
1.2: Manager should be at least level 85 to signup as a manager and the league should be convinced that he/she is fit to properly manage a team in MastersLeague.
1.3: Teams will be added to the leagues manually by the league organization. Sign-up is a one step process. Managers submit their squads using the form here (to be added soon). League administrators will review these submissions and list the names of teams on the same page periodically until sign-ups are closed. Final confirmation will be done in 24 hours after sign-up stage. League administrators may reject any application during sign-ups. Managers may resubmit the form in case they need to make amendments to their squads. Managers are also responsible for sending their team logo to the league administration. This is required to display the team logo on league statistics pages on the website.
1.4: The tournament organizers may reject a submission at their discretion should they believe the team is not fit for any reason or if the PMC has been permanently disqualified from FS competitions.
1.5: Sign-ups closed
1.6: Sign-ups confirmation: within 24 hours after signup window.
1.7: Kick off date: Mar 3rd, 2019
1.8: Definition of Manager: Manager and assistant managers will be called as “Manager” in this text.

2. Withdrawal from competition

2.1: Teams may withdraw during the sign up period (before it’s closed). If a team withdraws or is disqualified for any reason, manager and assistant manager(s) will be given a character-level/XP penalty*** and a 15 day temporary account-ban. 
2.2: If a team withdraws or is disqualified during the league, all their fixtures will count as forfeits. A forfeited match is registered as 8-0 against the forfeiting side.
2.3: Teams may be disqualified from the competition if they break any of the league rules that are deemed disqualifying by the league.

3. Player availability

3.1: Players can use their characters to play for ONLY ONE TEAM unless they have been properly transferred by the manager of another team during a transfer window. You can’t play for other clubs with any of your alternative characters.
3.2: Using a player who has played in another team already and was not properly transferred during the transfer period will result in an auto-win for the opposition.
3.3: Violation of rule 3.2 will result in a competition ban for the player and the PMC manager in question. If a PMC manager is banned during the competition, assistant manager will replace him.

4. League format

League stage + Knockouts.

5. Fixture Windows

5.1: The fixtures will be assigned at the start of the league. Match date and time may be negotiated by the two managers limited with the deadline of the related week. (For instance; a match should be completed by the start of the following week.) If the managers can not reach a mutual agreement, the default preset date/time of the match is final. If the match is not going to be played on the preset date, upon mutual agreement, managers should inform the league organization 12 hours before the preset date.
5.2: Both managers should submit the re-scheduled** match date/time at least 12 hours before the preset time using the following link . Not doing so may result in a nullified game costing two sides further penalties. (** Update : Managers should submit re-schedule request at least 24 hours before the new match time.)
5.3: Missing more than 1 fixture over the entire competition will result in the side being disqualified from the tournament. If a team is disqualified, they will lose all rewards. The manager will also receive a XP/character-level penalty***.
5.4: If a match is compromised by a FS server crash, match can be restarted as a friendly if the managers reach a mutual agreement. This must have a result screenshot provided to the league administration after the match.
5.5a: If a team does not show up to a match an auto-win will be provided to the other team. The manager of the team (that shows up) must get his team ready, call-up and create a team in Football Superstars at the match time (the team should wait for the opponents for a minimum of 10 mins on top of the match time) and take a screenshot of these to report and prove the absence of the opposing team. No other communication form before or after the match time will be accepted as evidence. If there is a screenshot clearly showing the team as ready to play the match (10 mins after the official match time) and the opposition still being absent at the time, an auto win will be awarded to the reporting team.
5.5b: Except for cases covered by rule above (FS server crash) and with explicit written permission by league administration (in a forum announcement post), friendly matches cannot count as fixtures.

5.5c: ML matches have to be played with full squads. If a team is shorthanded (i.e: for 7 aside matches: if they have less than 6 human players available), the match can not be played and the shorthanded team will suffer an automatic loss. (The opponent manager must provide the league administration with a screenshot – as stated in 5.5a- that’s showing their team as ready-to-play with 6 human players.)

5.5d: Substitution bug: In case a player crashes** at the loading screen before kick off, a rare bug may prevent the player(s) from returning to the match. This may leave the team short-handed. In case this happens, the team is allowed to leave the match (for a restart) within the first two minutes of the match and the manager should notify the opposition manager. The short-handed team’s manager is responsible for making sure the entire squad has left the match. Then the teams will have to re-group in 10 minutes and restart the game. This is allowed only one time for each team for a fixture and in case a team is short-handed for the second time for the same match, the short handed team is required to play as is and complete the match.  ( **  This crash only occurs due to hardware problems on user’s end and is not caused by the game servers. Players are encouraged to make sure they have sufficient free system resources (at least 4GB of free RAM) before starting a match. Users with limited memory may benefit from restarting FS Client before the match, closing all background applications and avoid application switching (alt-tab) at the time of the match. )
5.6: There will be home & away matches in league stage which means you will be playing every team twice.
5.6: There won’t be home & away matches in league stage which means you will be playing every team one time.

5.7: Match Reporting (link). Match reports are integral part of each match. Matches without two reports will trigger disciplinary actions on behalf of the organizers. Both managers of the two teams (or their assistant managers) should submit the match report with all the requested details (MATCH REPORT SHOULD INCLUDE: Full Team Squads, Final Score, Yellow/Red Cards, Assists and Goals) on the match report form within 2 hours upon completion of the match. Failure to report a match may cost an automatic-loss for the offending team. If the match report is not submitted within 2 hours, the team will be disqualified. Match reports should never include personal comments/opinions other than requested information or risk disqualification.

6. In-game Issues

6.1: If a player receives a red card, a substitute is NOT allowed.
6.2: If a player subs on for a red carded player and enters the pitch and interferes with play, the side may suffer an automatic loss of 3-0 subject to appeal. Teams should still complete the match and submit a dispute after the game.
6.3: If a player crashes in the first 5 minutes of a match, the player is allowed to return, but he is not allowed to return after 5:00. If the player accidentally returns, he should immediately leave without entering the pitch.
6.4: If a player crashes, fair play attitude by the opposition is not mandatory.
6.5: Even in the case of a team thinking they would get an auto-win while playing the match or in case of any incident against any tournament rules, both teams should keep playing the match and every issue should be raised to the league administration after the match. Failure to do so on any side, the consequence is that the failing team will weaken their position in case of a dispute.
6.6: A team can have a maximum of three substitutions in a match.

7. Suspensions and bans

7.1: Yellow card suspensions: A player will face a 1 match suspension if he/she receives four yellow cards during the league or two yellow cards in a row in two matches. The suspension will be applied in the fixture following the fixture with the last card.
7.2: Red card suspensions: A player will face a 1 match suspension if he/she receives a red card in a match. The suspension will be applied in the following fixture.
7.3: Any team or player can be banned by the organizers with provided reasoning (such as unsportsmanlike conduct). The decisions of the league administration are final and they can not be disputed.

8. Communication

8.1: Any issues with match organization/rule abuse can be handled by contacting league administration by raising a support ticket or sending a message to one of the league administrators via PM on FS forums.
8.2: It is strongly recommended you take logs/screenshots of match organization if issues are found later on.
8.3: PMC Managers must communicate in game and press F11 to log the chat if there is the need. The manager, the assistant manager or the match organizer PMC captain/coach player should consider themselves the manager and make himself/herself available in game.
8.4: All PMC managers should maintain a formal and non-abusive language when they are communicating with other managers, players and league administrators. Inappropriate language is strictly prohibited and will be punished by the league.

9. Ranking Criteria and Tie Break

9.1: Sides on level points will be separated first by superior goal difference from all league matches, then the superior goal difference from the league matches played among the teams in question, thirdly by higher number of goals scored in league matches played among the teams in question, and finally higher number of goals scored away from home in the league matches played among the teams in question.

9.2a. In the event of a tie in knockout stage: In knockouts stage, in the even of a draw after 1/2 legs (1 leg is specific for the Final Match, 2 legs for other knockout rounds), a replay match will be played 15 minutes after the match should both managers agree to play. If one of the teams can not play at that time for any reason (not enough players etc.), the replay should be played the following day at the same hour. Re-scheduling is not allowed.

9.2b Replays and Tie-Break: If the replay ends with a draw result, teams will play another match 15 minutes following the match and the first team to score will be the winner. If that game ends 0-0, the league/group stage ranking will decide the winner. (Example: If Team A had finished the league stage o top of Team B, in knockouts they will have this advantage in a deadlock after match-replay. If both teams ranked the same in league stage, number of wins, total goals scored (ranking criterias) will decide the winner in that same order.)

10. Exploits

10.1 The Low Fast Cross is banned from the competition.
10.2 The team that does these exploits will be receiving an auto-lose. The offending player (who executes the exploit) will be receiving a 3 level character-level penalty. The organizers of the competition will watch the replay and make a decision. The decision is final.
10.3 League administration may neglect an exploit if it doesn’t change the outcome of the match. (For instance: The team is winning the match 3-0 and they score the 4th goal with an LFC in the last minute of the game. Cases like this will be assessed by the league administration. Players are still strongly recommended to avoid exploiting at all, no matter what the score is.)
10.4 Should there be a player found to be cheating/hacking in any way, there will be an investigation when the league administration will review the matches this players has been involved. The league administration will announce the decision on the league website.

11. Adding/Removing Players

11.1 You can REMOVE/ADD players from/to your squad only during the transfer window only. Transfer windows will be announced within the first week of the tournament.
11.2 A player that has not signed up or played with another PMC will be classified as a free-agent. Free agents can be added to the squad any time during the league, provided that the addition is approved by the league administration. Managers should submit the Free Agent Transfer form and allow up to 48 hours for league approval.
11.3 All transfers will have to be verified by the league administration and announced on the league website. Without verification, transfer is considered incomplete.

12. Prizes

Prizes will be announced before the first week of the league on the league website. Please check the “Prizes” section for updates.

13. Known Issues

There is a very rare bug (may occur 1/500 of the time) that a player is locked out on the sideline before second half kick-off and game is suspended at kick-off. In case this happens, the locked player is allowed to exit the match to resolve the issue and return to the match afterwards.


*** XP Penalty = 5 * 100 / (Character Level)  (Example for a Level 70.  XP Penalty = 5*100/70 = 7 levels. (rounded from 7.143) )

When a transfer window begins, it will be announced on the league website.

Transfers are only final when an admin has confirmed the move, published a confirmed transfers list and edited the team squad on the site.