Golden League Standings & Fixtures

FS Golden League

GOLDEN LEAGUE – Standings & Fixtures

Fixtures: Teams will face each other one time in group. Top 2 teams from each  group  will qualify and they will be placed in a group of 8 in the second  round. Top 4 teams will reach semi finals in the third round. **Team managers are allowed to reschedule their fixtures during group stage only (except for first match) with a mutual agreement and notify the league at least 12 hours before the preset match date. Please see league rules for re-scheduling terms. Arrange your matches between the preset date (within 26 hours of the preset time). Every match report should be submitted by team managers within 2 hours upon completion of a match. (Match reports should include all details; full squads of both teams, yellow cards, red cards, goals.) *** Default match time zone in Football Superstars competitions is GMT.