Golden League Transfers

FS Golden League

Transfer Window: July 23, 2018 (closes at 23:00 GMT)

Transfers are reviewed and once approved they are added to PMC page on this site.

Managers can transfer a player during transfer windows as long as their squad size is within limits. During a transfer window, managers can add up to 2 players and remove up to 2 players. Every transfer must first be approved by the league and added to the official team squad.

according to GL league rules:

11. Adding/Removing Players

11.1 You can REMOVE/ADD players from/to your squad only during the transfer window only. Transfer windows will be announced within the first week of the tournament. During a transfer window, PMC managements can add up to 2 players and remove up to 2 players.
11.2 A player that has not signed up with a PMC will be classified as a free-agent**. Free agents can be added to the squad any time during the league, provided that the addition is approved by the league administration. Managers should submit the Free Agent Transfer form and allow up to 24 hours for league approval. ** A player will be deemed free-agent if he/she has not played in a GL match for the PMC they initially signed with. They will not be required to be removed by the PMC manager and can move to another PMC during a transfer window.
11.3 All transfers will have to be verified by the league administration and announced on the league website. Without verification, transfer is considered incomplete.