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This item will change the hair style of your Football Superstars character. Please look at the styles below for male/female and choose a new hair style for your character. This item will replace your character’s hair style only and doesn’t change your character’s hair color. For hair color, you can also buy the hair dye product.

Once you complete the payment, character hair will be updated and become active in game after a server maintenance within 48 hours.

FOR BUZZCUT (Male Only) : If your character has hair and you want to make it buzzcut, please enter BuzzCut on checkout page.



Hair color and head type is shown for demo purposes only. Your character’s hair color and head type will not be changed. Only hair style will be updated.

  • Look at the hair styles above and once you have decided, note the hair style code and select it on checkout page before making payment (Enter “Male2” for Male 2) , for BuzzCut(Male only), choose BuzzCut


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