Striker Superstars Make Over

Striker Superstars Make Over

It’s not only for celebrities, football superstars need a make-over from time to time as well. Now it’s your chance to change your character’s appearance. Striker Superstars Make Over is a new feature that allows you to change your character’s face type and skin color. Check out the options below, fill out the form carefully and we’ll update your character.

The price is 15 thousand credits.

Make sure you have enough credits on your account and double check your selections below. If you make a mistake our plastic surgeons will need you to repay them 🙂

We will review your request and if everything is in place, this will be done in 48 hours.

Skin Colors [1-19]

**Please refresh the page if the below images are not displayed properly.

Face Types [0-2]

If you’ve made up your mind, use the form below to submit a make-over request

Please select the changes you are requesting. (i.e. If you just want a face change, then leave the skin empty.)


Please do not submit this form on behalf of anyone else. You must be the owner of the account. We will check your e-mail address on your account, so please make sure you use your account e-mail. Should you not have enough credits, as mentioned above, we won’t make any changes and cancel your request. You will also receive a temporary 24 hour ban.