Superstars League Rules


Striker Superstars League Rules (Season V )

Updated: Jan 19, 2015 [Please check regularly for any possible changes until the end of signups.] [Latest change: 6.3]

1. Entry

1.1: Any team is welcome to enter as long as they have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 players (including the captain) actively playing the game (active means, a player that has played at least 50 matches in Striker Superstars).
1.2: Teams will be added to the leagues manually by the admins of the competition after sign-ups. Captains of teams will be responsible for registration. Captains must be at least level 20. Captains must make sure they have communicated with the team members regarding their inclusion in the team. Any sign-ups without the consent of the player will be considered an illegal sign-up and it will be removed by the league administration.
1.3: The tournament organizers may not accept some teams and players. Please check the signup page daily to see if your registration has been confirmed.
1.4: Sign-ups : Nov 7, 2015 -> Nov 27, 2015 – Click here to sign up
1.5: Kick off date – 19 December 2015
1.6: Team Names: You may come up with a custom team name but at this stage custom names are not available in game. You won’t be able to change your custom team name during the competition. In game, the team name will still show as FC “Captain Character” . As the captain of the team becomes the name of the team in Striker Superstars, the captain will need to be setting up every match in the league. However, a captain may contact league administrator and delegate his role to another member of the team. In this case, the delegate will be able to setup the match.


2. Withdrawal from competition

2.1: Teams may withdraw during the sign up period, any team to withdraw after the sign up period will be disallowed from competing in future competitions.
2.2: If a team withdraws during the league, all results will be nullified or counted 3-0 (defeat) upon administrator’s decision.
2.3: If a team withdraws during the season then the entire team, players and management, that were signed up for that team will miss the next season entirely and will not qualify for the credits for completing that stage of the event.
2.4: Teams may be removed from the competition if any rule is broken and deemed bannable by the organizers.
2.5: If a team becomes unavailable without valid reasoning, the captain will receive a 15 day temporary account ban without notice.

3. Player availability

3.1: Players are free to play for ONE team and one team only.
3.2: Using a player who is not registered for the team will result in an auto-win for the opposition.
3.3: Repeated abuse of rule 3.2 will result in a competition ban for the player and side in question.
3.4: Players can use their characters to ONLY play for one team. You may not use your alternative characters.
3.5: The squads you submit are only for Superstars League Season V.
3.6: Account trading is strictly prohibited in Striker Superstars. You should not share your login information with anyone else.
3.7: +1 Rule: Captains can hire 1 player if they don’t have 4 players to line up for a match. This player can not be a part of another team and he should not be of level that’s more than the average of the team. For example if the team’s average level (of the official squad) is 40, the hired player (+1) should not be more than level 40.

4. Format

4.1: League format will be announced after sign-ups.
5. Fixture Windows and Match Reporting

5.1: 2 fixtures will be played each week of the competition(s), there is 6 or 7 day gap between matches to be precise except for the week of Christmas and New Years. The fixtures will be assigned at the start of the league. Exact match date/time is as it’s shown on the fixtures page after sign-ups.
5.2: If a fixture cannot be played, valid reasoning can allow the deadline to be extended to a maximum of 2 days.
5.3: Missing 2 fixtures over the entire competition may result in the side being disqualified from the tournament and further competitions at the admin’s discretion.
5.4: If a match is compromised by a server crash, captains will need to notify the league admin and schedule another fixture.
5.5: If a team does not show up to a match, an auto-win will be provided. You must take a screenshot showing your team ready at match hour to claim an auto-win.
5.6: Team captain of the winning side will need to submit the match result at the league site. (use the match report form and fill in required fields.).  The captain is encouraged to take a screenshot of the final match result. In case of a disagreement over match result, this screenshot will be used as one of the evidences.

6. In-game Issues

6.1: If a player crashes it is NOT obligatory for the opposition to apply fair play, however it is strongly recommended.
6.2: Loading-screen crashes before kick off: If a team is shorthanded before the match kick off (1st half kick off), the rest of the shorthanded team may leave the match before kick off (all the players of the team should leave, if one or more continues to play, this rule won’t apply). If this happens, the other team should also leave the match and the teams should challenge each other again. If the missing (disconnected) player is not in the game lobby, teams should allow 10 minutes for the shorthanded team to build the team. After 10 minutes, the team that is ready may ask for an auto-win (3-0). If this happens more than twice for the same team (for the same match), the other team does not have to leave the match. They may choose to play on and then submit the final score.

7. Suspensions and bans

7.1: Any team or player can be banned by the organizers with provided reasoning.
7.2: Banned players may get banned from further competitions at the admin’s discretion.

8. Communication

8.1: Any issues with match organization/rule abuse can be handled by contacting league administrators.
8.2: It is strongly recommended you take logs/screenshots of match organization if issues are found later on.
8.3: All team captains should make themselves available on the league site and try to communicate with other captains in game or using the chat on this site. Captains should be able to communicate in English.
8.4: Team captains are responsible for all issues regarding their players. Team captains should contact league administrator in case one of their players change their character name, is removed from the team or if they delegate their captain roles to another player.
8.5: Match Fixtures & Communication: There will be a special page setup here on this website for captains to communicate regarding match fixtures. A page will be published for each week. All match dates will be open for negotiation provided that both captains mutually agree on another date/time. Should they not be able to agree on a date, the teams will have to play the game on the preset date. A match fixture can only be delayed/postponed until the preset kick-off time of the following match and up to 72 hours max. All negotiations will need to be in writing on this site. Only captains can post on the match fixture discussions pages. These will help the league administration resolve any conflicts that may arise during fixture negotiations. It is vital that each captain is fully aware of this Rule 8.5.

9. Ranking Criteria

9. Top 4 teams will qualify to a playoff round.

10. Exploits

10.1 There are no known exploits in Striker Superstars. Every goal counts.

11. Adding/Removing Players

11.1 Transfer details will be announced shortly. Please check this page.


Transfer Windows will be announced later.


Transfers are only final when an admin has confirmed the move and edited the squad list.

Rules are subject to change without notice.