Suspensions and Disciplinary


Suspended Players

09.06.2017: Barbygirl (Nextgen) suspended for 1 match. (2 yellow cards in a row)

09.06.2017: Artemiss (Nextgen) Illegally played against Angels Sc on June 9, 2017 despite the 1 match suspension. Artemiss has been disqualified from Masters League.

06.06.2017: Artemiss (Nextgen) Despite the warning on May 22, Nextgen manager Artemiss submits incomplete match report (squad missing). Artemiss is suspended for 1 match.(vs Fc Underworld)

27.05.2017: Messiyy (Majoluvch) suspended for 1 match. (2 yellow cards in a row)

19.05.2017: Sturridge (Newteam): Suspended for 1 match (red card vs Devils F C).

02.06.2017: Razza (Redwhite United) (red card), Shanksjr (Newteam) (2 yellow cards in a row)

02.07.2017: Managers are expected to provide match reports in ML.  Angels Sc did not submit the match report for the Final. Angels Sc’s Masters League rewards will be reduced by 25%.

09.06.2017: Managers are expected to provide accurate match reports in ML.Artemiss (Nextgen) Incomplete match report (3rd time). Nextgen’s Masters League rewards will be reduced by 50%.

07.07.2017: Miljanm (FC Underworld): Despite all the warnings on Transfer Page, Miljanm has been trying to remove players from the squad. FC Underworld is prohibited from submitting transfer requests until the next transfer window.

06.06.2017: Midnighttz (Newteam): Wrong team selected, Wrong home/away sides selected, Wrong score. Please make sure match reports are accurate. Repeated offence in the future may have severe consequences.

23.05.2017 : Majoluvch vs Fc Underworld match has been compromised by a rare issue (that is affecting less than 0.3% of matches) that is caused by an unexpected disconnection of  a user before kick off. Because the game servers are unaware of this rare disconnection type, the side could not replace the disconnected player even if it is allowed by the league rules (to substitute for a crashing player within the first five minutes of the match). The league has decided (by majority of the votes) to enforce a replay of this match on May 27, 2017. Team managers may reschedule this match as usual.

22.05.2017 : Galactik Football : Match report has not been submitted on time. Disciplinary committee has decided to warn the PMC. Repeated offence in the future may have severe consequences.

22.05.2017 : Nextgen : Match report incomplete (squad missing). Repeated offence in the future may have severe consequences.