Suspensions and Disciplinary


Suspended Players

14/08/2016: Mikey (Redwhite United): 3 yellow cards, suspended in the first leg of Quarter Finals.

04/08/2016 : Lavezzi (Ruling Sc) : Played vs RWU despite his suspension. Match score will be registered as 3-0. Player is banned for 2 matches. (Ruling Sc – Fc Crvena Zvezda, Vipers S C – Ruling Sc)

01/08/2016 : Lavezzi (Ruling Sc) : Violation of Rule 6.3 (Ruling Sc vs Vipers Sc match)

Disciplinary News and Decisions

09/10/2016: Outlaws Sc’s Masters League knockout rewards have been taken away after review by league administration. (illegal players in squad). Additionally, manager Lorandinha is not going to be allowed to manage a PMC in the next two Football Superstars tournaments. Effective immediately.

20/08/2016: Cowboys FC are disqualified as they deliberately stayed AFK for an entire game which is a violation of Football Superstars T&C* (* You agree and undertake that you will not make any Communication or post to or transmit to Football Superstars any statement or material, nor use Football Superstars in any way, that • interferes with another user’s use and enjoyment of Football Superstars.)  Impetus is banned for 15 days upon disqualification.

14/08/2016: Impetus is banned from future Football Superstars competitions (as a manager) due to his slating comments about the league and disrespectful words in the latest match report suggesting that the league administration is biased, supporting Devils. The league administration has always been and is 100% neutral. The league has shown its neutral nature all these years. Cowboys FC manager should remember that they won the Ultimate League under the same administration.

09/08/2016: Devils – Cowboys match disputed by two sides. We have reviewed the match again as well as the screenshot provided by Cowboys. We also listened to Devils side. After review, the screenshot shows no proof of Devils being absent for Cowboys to demand an auto win(on the contrary Devils had a squad ready and they were communicating with Cowboys) There were also signs of Cowboys squad getting ready for the 6vs5 match as seen in PMC chat of the very same screenshot. League is convinced the match was never a friendly match as claimed by Cowboys and therefore the result on the pitch stands. In order to prevent such issues in the future, ML rules have also been updated accordingly. Managers are encouraged to read section 5 of ML rules for changes.

01/08/2016: Serene vs Iberia Fc match was registered as 3-0 in favor of Serene. (Automatic win as Iberia Fc didn’t show up)

01/08/2016 : Ruling SC – Vipers SC match has been reviewed upon dispute submitted by Vipers. Ruling Sc player Lavezzi violated ML rule 6.3. The match score has been updated to 3-0 in favor of Vipers Sc.

01/08/2016: Neutraliz FS Club has been disqualified. No full match report has been received despite all the warnings on the website. Neutraliz FS Club manager Tixxhu is banned from all future FS competitions. Neutraliz FS Club players will be allowed to transfer to other teams during transfer window.