UL4 Predictions League

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Ultimate League Season 4 – Predictions League

Predict to Win

Prediction form will be available from two-hours ahead of kick-off time and you will be able to submit your match predictions up until 5 minutes before kick-off. (From 18:00 GMT to 19:55 GMT).

* Each user (person) can submit one prediction per match.

* Users will score and rank higher based on the accuracy of each prediction; If you predict the outcome (W/D/L) right, you will score 2 points. If you predict the total number of goals, you will score 2 extra points. If you predict the final score correctly, you will score 2 more points. (potential max: 6 points). Special predictions are 3 points. (total number of goals, cards etc.)

* We will announce winners after UL Season 4 Final.

* Prizes: 75 thousand FS Credits in total. 2X Legendary Boots. 2X Legendary Studs. 2X Vintage Clothes. 2X Hair Style Product. 2X MFB booster product.





* Please submit until kick off time. Predictions made after kick off time will be void.


Reons 29
Lacia 28
Zexter 27
Coktumla 26
Mwiktor 26
Lorandinha 26
Daszi 25
Jonfirm 25
Caloe 24
Pharah 24
Yade 23
Dewson 23
Rheme 22
Maxion 20
Naruto 20
Caccamoo 20
Mafis 19
Fischer 18
Roncaglia 18
Chrissu 18
Resulsmsk 18

Reons: 15k FS Credits + 1 Legendary boots  + 1 Legendary Studs + Vintage Series 1 + 1 Hair Style + 1 MFB boost

Lacia: 10k FS Credits + 1 Legendary boots + Vintage Series 1 + 1 Hair Style + 1 MFB boost

Zexter: 7.5k FS Credits + 1 Legendary studs

Coktumla: 7.5k FS Credits

Mwiktor: 7.5k FS Credits

Lorandinha: 7.5k FS Credits

Daszi: 5k FS Credits

Jonfirm: 5k FS Credits

Caloe: 5k FS Credits

Pharah: 5k FS Credits

Prize Winners: FS Credits, legendary items and vintage series will be sent to characters this week. For hair style and mfb boost products, please raise a ticket.