Ultimate League Season 2 – Best Goal #1

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BEST GOAL : Afolabi



Afolabi: Legendary Boots.

– 30k FS Credits : Revidium

– 1x Legendary Base Layer: Lauren

– 1x FS Vintage Collection: Rafelito (raise a ticket)

– 1x Free Hair-Dye product: Alopex (raise a ticket)

Best Goal Award

– Each FS player will get to vote one time for their favorite goal until February 26th

– Voting will open on Jan 14, 2017 and will be available until the end of the season on Feb 26th.

– A user can change his vote until voting closes on Feb 26th as the league progresses towards this date. His/her latest vote will be valid.

After voting, the best goal of the league stage will be decided (based on number of votes). If there are multiple goals with same vote count, the league administration will pick the top goal. Out of the voters who voted for the Best Goal, we will be picking 4 lucky winners (there will be a draw if necessary).

4 lucky voters (who voted for the Best Goal) will be winning one of the prizes below.


– 30k FS Credits

– 1x Legendary Base Layer

– 1x FS Vintage Collection

– 1x Free Hair-Dye product

And the scorer of the Best Goal # 1 will win Legendary Boots.

Prize winners will be announced on Feb 28, 2017.

* Each FS account gets 1 voting right and each account can win 1 prize only. You must not use another FS account to cast multiple votes or they will be void.