Ultimate League Season 2 – Standings & Fixtures

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All match Date/Time shown here are preset dates**.

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The Final

8:30 pm Angels Sc 6-2 Outlaws Sc
  • Knockout stage is played over two legs except for the Final.
  • *Managers can re-schedule just like league stage except for the Final. The final will be played on Feb 25 2017 at 20:30 GMT

Semi Finals [Completed]

Semi Final dates: 17-19 February 2017

Managers may reschedule SF matches (2 legs) to February 17th, February 18th or February 19th

Quarter Finals [Completed]

Date/Time Home Score Away
8:00 pm Angels Sc 5 – 1 Newteam
8:00 pm RedWhite United 2 – 3 Devils F C
8:00 pm Arcadia F C 3 – 2 Vipers Sc
9:00 pm Newteam 1 – 4 Angels Sc
10:00 pm Fc Crvena Zvezda 0 – 7 Outlaws Sc
8:00 pm Vipers Sc 3 – 3 Arcadia F C
8:00 pm Outlaws Sc 3 – 0 Fc Crvena Zvezda
8:00 pm Devils F C 4 – 1 RedWhite United

Play-Offs [Completed]

Round 1 – Jan 26 2017 20:00 GMT *

1A : Serene: 2 vs Newteam: 3

Round 1 – Jan 25 2017 20:00 GMT *

1B : Razer Sc : 4 vs Monte Fc : 1

Round 2 – Jan 27 2017 21:00 GMT *

Vampire Sc : 3 vs Newteam : 5

Round 2 – Jan 28 2017 20:00 GMT *

Devils F C: 4 vs Razer Sc: 1

Playoff rounds are one-leg only, in the event of a draw, match should be replayed. If the replay ends with a draw result again, league stage ranking will decide the winner.
Winners of Round 2 will join the Top 6 teams in Quarter Finals.


Quarter Finals : February 3-5-11-15 [2 legs]

** Quarter Finals 2nd legs were pushed to February 11th, managers are free to reschedule these to dates between February 11 and February 15th.

Semi Finals : February 17-19 [2 legs]

The Final : February 25th 20:30 GMT [1 leg – Fixed date/time]

*Managers can re-schedule just like league stage. Same conditions apply.

League Stage [Completed]

1Angels Sc111100701357033
2RedWhite United11821432320025
3Arcadia F C11722472621023
4Fc Crvena Zvezda1173127243022
5Outlaws Sc11632452421020
6Vipers Sc1154229290017
7Devils F C1155135305016
8Vampire Sc1155127261016
10Razer Sc111821641-2505
11Monte Fc111911749-3204

Qualification: Top 6 will qualify for the knockout stage. Lower 6 will compete in a play-off league and top 2 teams from play-offs will join the Top 6 as wildcards. The 8 qualifiers will then be paired in the first round of the knockout stage.

Fixtures: Teams will face each other one time in league stage. In total, there will be 11 matches per team. **Team managers are allowed to reschedule their fixtures with a mutual agreement and notify the league at least 12 hours before the preset match date. Please see league rules for re-scheduling terms. Arrange your matches between the preset date (within 26 hours of the preset time). Every match report should be submitted by team managers within 12 hours upon completion of a match. (Match reports should include all details; full squads of both teams, yellow cards, assists and goals.)