Ultimate League Season 3 Prizes

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Winnings will be announced on Monday November 27th

Participation Reward:  40k FSC. All matches have to be played and completed (no forfeits) to win this reward. This will be awarded right before the final four.

Match based winnings – League stage only (this will be awarded after league stage)

Match victory: 2000 FS Credits per win (all matches have to be played without forfeits)

Potential winnings from league stage : 40k + 2k*16 = 72k

Playoff Stage: (awarded after the league)

Reach Final Four: 50k FSC + 1 x Legendary Base Layer

Final Four Stage: (awarded after the league)

Winners: 50k FSC + 1 x Legendary Studs + 3 x Hair Style + 3 x Hair Dye

Runners up: 20k FSC  + 3 x Hair Style

FSC winnings potential maximum : 72k + 50k + 50k = 172k FS Credits

Special :  (awarded after the league)

Top Assister: 1 Legendary Boots

Top Scorer: 1 Legendary Boots

Fair Play Reward: Vintage collection or Hair Style of choice