Ultimate League Season 4 – Signup


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closed on April 20, 2018

Teams applied: Purple Reign, FC Crvena Zvezda, Red Dawn Fc, Majoluvch, Antharax Fc, Redwhite United, Vampire Sc, Adrenaline, Galactik Football, Black Cougars F.C, Barbarians FC, Devils FC

League fixtures will be published Saturday evening. League launch date: April 22, 2018

Please read the league rules before signing up->

Sign-up Conditions

1.1: PMC’s with at least 10 players can sign up. Each team can have a maximum of 18 players. Each team should also have an assistant manager who will accept responsibility in the absence of the manager. The assistant manager should be clearly marked in the submission. Each PMC can have up to 2 assistant managers.
1.1b: Only active PMCs will be allowed to compete in Ultimate League. League will decide if the PMC is fit enough to compete after reviewing the PMC’s recent match history.
1.2: Manager should be at least level 85 to signup as a manager and the league should be convinced that he/she is fit to properly manage a team in Ultimate League.
1.3: Teams will be added to the leagues manually by the league organization. Sign-up is a one step process. Managers submit their squads using the form here (to be added soon). League administrators will review these submissions and list the names of teams on the same page periodically until sign-ups are closed. Final confirmation will be done in 24 hours after sign-up stage. League administrators may reject any application during sign-ups. Managers may resubmit the form in case they need to make amendments to their squads. Managers are also responsible for sending their team logo to the league administration. This is required to display the team logo on league statistics pages on the website.
1.4: The tournament organizers may reject a submission at their discretion should they believe the team is not fit for any reason or if the PMC has been permanently disqualified from FS competitions.
1.5: Sign-ups window: April 13-20, 2018
1.6: Sign-ups confirmation: within 24 hours after signup window.
1.7: Kick off date: April 22, 2018
1.8: Definition of Manager: Manager and assistant managers will be called as “Manager” in this text.